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Want to grow your Business?

Biggest problem holding back Business growth, for a small Company, is not having a resourceful and creative Back Office.

Only when you need it ....

To ensure your Cash Flow and Rate of Growth fits your requirements.

Flexible Resources ...

A constant base of Support, with different Back Office 'Growth Packages'.

The Back Office 'Growth Packages' that we offer

We provide our Clients with all the typical Virtual Office services, as the foundation to the three Growth Packages that we offer. All the Packages - 'Base', 'Foundation' and 'Full' - have a varied coverage of the Virtual Services, that suits each Client Company's existing resources.
                  All the Packages have availability to the Suite of Growth Services, on a basis of the hourly usage, invoiced monthly, of the Central Admin's Resources. The application of the Suite of Growth Services are individually tailored to each Client Company, with an overall strategy initially agreed. Each month will have different strategies, therefore with varying Invoicing for the services used, to ensure the guarantee of financial growth for our clients. 

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Virtual Office Services

Company Registration Address
Virtual Secretary & PA services
Telephone & Postal services
Meeting Room/ Presentation Applications
Video Conferencing
Support Meetings / Courses

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Marketing Services

Market Plan Development
Market Intelligence & Objectives
Statistical Reach Analysis
Sales Developments
Social Media Applications
Market Research Solutions

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Legal & Accountancy

Contract Solutions
Book-Keeping Solutions
Final Year Accounts
Funding Opportunities
Financial Administration

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Publicity & Media

On-Line Advertising Solutions
Promotional Campaigns
Media and Video Presentations
Social Media Applications
Publicity Materials

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Web Suite of Services

Web Site and App Development & Hosting
Web Site Maintenance & Usage Analysis
Web Site Response & Lead profiling
Newsletter compilation & administration
On-line Storage

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Administration Systems & Solutions
Microsoft Solutions -Dynamics/365 Office
Cloud Application and Solutions
Web-in-Air Presentations Solutions


First Central Admin Office opens


To be located at: Avenida do Ultramar 193,  R/C Loja D; 2750-506 Cascais